VOOT Bigg Boss 14 Registration 2020 : How to Apply Online for Bigg Boss 14 Audition

Bigg Boss 14 Registration: Are you excited about taking part in Bigg Boss 14 and want to be the part of  Bigg Boss Cast then the good news for you. Registration for the Bigg Boss 14 is started now and you have a chance to become one of the Bigg Boss 14 Contestants

Bigg Boss is very popular and has completed 13 successful seasons. One of the biggest reasons for the show popularity is the format it owns. Everybody wants to have a look at how their favorite celebrity act and used to survive in a house under the watch of cameras almost everywhere and every corner of the house.

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This is the 14th season of Bigg Boss and in the first ten seasons, the housemates in the show were only the celebrities. But last time, in the 10th season and 11th season of the show, the house was open for common people also.

This was the change in the format and got a good response from the audience too. Moreover, commoner Manveer Gurjar won the show beating many celebrity contestants.

Like Bigg Boss 11, Bigg Boss 14 is also letting the common people from India take part in the show and the registration for the Bigg Boss 14 is started now as shown in the colors channel promos.

So now let us look at how you can be the part of Bigg Boss 14 and How to apply for the Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 Auditions:

Bigg Boss 14 Auditions

To take part in the show, you must give an audition first and prove that you are an entertainer who can provide some factor to the show. Show is mainly for the entertainment and you have to make sure that you can be the entertainer for the show.

Bigg Boss 14 Official Website for Registration :

To become a contestant, you have to register yourself as a participant. You can do it via the Voot app or the website. The official website for registration is: www.voot.com/bigg-boss-registration 

How to apply for the Bigg Boss 14 :

So till now, you know about the show and you must have submitted your audition to the BB14 show through its official website as given above. Now have a step by step look about how you can apply for BB14 and be a bigg boss contestant.

  1. First, open the official website of Bigg Boss 14 show and you will find a bigg boss 12 application form headed with "Apply Now".
  2. Now fill the correct and proper details in the form as mentioned.
  3. Fill the details that are mandatory very carefully like Name, email, city, phone number, gender, and video you have made.
  4. You can also fill details like address, city, pin code, and birth date.
  5. You can also give details of your twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.
  6. You also have to give the reason why you want to take part in the show.
  7. After filling all the details, confirm the details and tick the 'I agree terms and conditions'.
  8. Click on 'Submit your details' button and you are done.
This is the procedure of registration and Bigg Boss 14 auditions. You will get the confirmation message as you register yourself successfully.

Things that you must take care while Registering :

During the registration process, you have to upload your video you have created. We are giving you tips for your video creation and rules to upload the video.
  • video must be of 3 minutes maximum. Your video will not be allowed if it crosses the time over 3 minutes.
  • video size should be less than 50 MB.
  • supported video formats are: mpg, mpeg, flv, avi, mp4, mov.
  • You can upload only one video so make sure that your video is good, entertaining, and according to the limited size and supported formats.
So what are you waiting for? Make your short but entertaining video, register your self and you will find the chance of being famous and earning name, fame, and handsome amount. Also to meet Salman Khan. 

Stay tuned for more bigg boss 14 latest news.

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